What to Do When Kids Are Asking for Stuff in Public Places?

Parents, time will come when your kids will ask for things. Be it on store, restaurant and etc, sometimes even timings are not right. How you will respond will definitely have an impact.

Keep everything in moderation,
But the challenge here is how or what should you say to your kids?

Sometimes it is okay to say yes to our kids but too much “yes” is bad news.
So moderation is the key guys.

As much as I want to give my son whatever he asks for. I try resisting it because giving in everytime will make him feel he can boss us around.

So unless what he wants is actually good for him then we will consider other than that is a no-no.

So “What to do when kids are asking for stuff in public places?”

  • If you are in a store and they went to get a toy or junk foods to show to you. Tell them “no we don’t need it right now” or something similar.
  • If you guys are in a restaurant and your kids want to be fed immediately or is pulling your arms that’s holding a spoon. Tell them to wait for second.
  • If you guys are decided to play with them outdoors play with them and if they ask for a smartphone, tablets or anything of some sort tell them “no” and explain to them that you guys need some quality time together so no electronics.(Just be sure that you yourself don’t use any electronic devices).

Things to keep in mind when saying “No” to your child

  • Be firm and stick with your decision about not getting what they want.
  • Give your reason to them for declining this way they might be able to understand your decision if not try again when he/she calms down

If you give in when they throw tantrums they’ll learn they can get what they want if they misbehave.

Letting them take no for an answer helps them to learn handling disappointment in life especially for toddlers

We are currently in the process but we will definitely get there. Right now crying and tantrums is what we get when we do this kind parenting style.

It is really important that as early as possible that our children learn that not everything can be easily obtain.

This plays a vital role because this well prevent them from evolving from sweet peas to spoiled brats.

Though our son is still a toddler I would say he knows how to respect his parent’s decisions.

Recently we went to a store shop and he ran towards that section as soon as he saw the Sesame Street Characters.

At first we thought that it would be a nightmare when it’s time for us to leave the store.

Our son messing around with Elmo and Friends

But after our strolling around the shop we just left without any problems no shenanigans or whatsoever, he didn’t insist on taking those dolls with him.

These are just part of the things that we have tried and you guys can try this when your kids are asking for stuff.

Do you have questions or do want to add more to the list that I’ve enumerated feel free to comment down below.


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