When a toddler sleeps while travelling

When a toddler sleeps while travelling means disaster most especially if you did not bring any strollers with you. Find out how it went for us.

Before we went to Hongkong I knew that it will be a tougher than last time because we have a son this time. Considering that we don’t have a stroller with us to bring because it’s a bit too expensive.

So we had to rely only on our will and endurance. Fast forward to the travelling, upon arriving at Hongkong Airport my son is a bit puzzled about the environment of the country.

Most of the things even the sound he’s hearing is all new to him so he’s still full of amusement from riding the bus up until arriving to our hotel.

Things are going so well for day one, but on day two when which is the day we went to Disney Land. He and his cousin became too excited as soon as they saw Mickey Mouse.

He kept on pointing to every Mickey Mouse logo he finds

Obviously day two made him too exhausted because of all the fun that he had. Now travelling back to our hotel is the next challenge.

Once a toddler became tired they are bound to throw tantrum, cry, shout or something.

But once you get to make them settled or if they find the comfort they need they’ll be able to sleep even if you are just carrying them.

When a toddler sleeps while travelling we parents are going to be limited on activities like when we are still going to shop for something.

Our pattern to manage our sleeping toddler whenever we travel is we do thing alternately

It’s either that my wife or me will have to carry our son then the other will look for something and vice versa or if we are on a food court and have to take lunch/dinner.

So far this is effective for us we can both manage our goals while taking care our our sleeping son. Though sometimes our son’s grandparents are with us is it’s much easier to move around if there are more hands to help care for our child

Want to share your experience about your toddler sleeping in middle of your travel comment down below!

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