Important Tips For Parents To Utilize When Traveling With A Toddler By Car Or By Plane

The one thing that all parents can agree upon is that traveling with a toddler is quite challenging. It does not matter if you are traveling by plane with a toddler, or traveling by car with a toddler. At some point your child will not stay settled and end up making the experience challenging.

However, the good news is that there are some helpful tips when it comes to traveling with a toddler in general. And, even these can be applied if you are going on a long car ride to get to an appointment. Let’s go over some tips on how to make the experience with traveling by car with a toddler easier:

Traveling With A Toddler By Car

The one thing that parents dread when they have to go on a long car ride with their little ones is that the ride will become messy. They fear that their child will act up and stay fussy during the entire trip. Or, that he or she will end up needing a change of clothing due to getting sick or having a major accident. With that said, since these scenarios do happen whenever it comes to traveling with a toddler, fortunately, there are tips to make the experience somewhat easier. Let’s list them now:

  • Bring snacks along – The one thing that toddlers will enjoy is having something to eat that they like. And, that usually keeps them quiet during a car ride. Be sure to fill up the sippy cup right before leaving, and throw in some healthy and low-sugar snacks in a Ziploc bag as well. The best snack ideas that toddlers will love are goldfish, pretzels, and apple slices. Be sure not to give them grapes or anything that could cause choking.
  • Always bring toys – Along with the snacks to keep your toddler pacified, you will want to bring toys that will make him or her happy during a long car ride. It is best to bring your child’s favorite toys along, but most toys will be good enough to pacify the toddler.
  • Bring clothes and extra wipes – Because of the chance of your toddler having some kind of accident is high during a car ride, it is always best to bring plenty of extra clothing as well as wipes. Especially if he or she has been eating in the car.

By utilizing those few tips while traveling with a toddler by car, your experience will be easier. Now, let’s go over what tips to utilize when you are traveling with a toddler by plane.

Traveling With A Toddler By Plane

Traveling With A Toddler By Plane

A car ride with a toddler sounds like a piece of cake compared to flying. However, the experience can be not so bad if the following tips are utilized as well:

  • Be sure to get an early flight if possible – When you are traveling with a toddler by plane, the last thing you are going to want to face is being at risk for delays and crowds. The earlier you schedule the flight, the better.
  • Travel with an umbrella stroller – Don’t bring the bulky stroller that you use for your toddler most of the time. Use a lightweight umbrella stroller instead which will make life easier.
  • Never let your toddler sit in the aisle seat – This is a safety issue because the toddler can fall out easily of the seat. Always keep your child seated in the middle seat or the window seat which will keep him or her pacified anyway.
  • Bring Pull-Ups – If your toddler is potty trained, be sure to expect accidents on the plane. This is why it is best to use Pull-Ups when you are on a long flight with your toddler. This way, you will not have to worry about accidents
  • Dress in layers – If you are traveling with a toddler to a tropical destination and you are coming from cold temperatures, just dress your children in layers. Don’t worry about the zippers and buttons because that will just add more work and frustration
  • Utilize the tips discussed for car travel – That means be sure to bring snacks, toys, and changes of clothing!

Most importantly, anytime a parent is traveling with a toddler whether it is by car or by plane, it is essential that they keep their composure. Otherwise, the traveling experience will be that much more difficult for the parent and the child.

If you have any tips when it comes to traveling with a toddler, please share them for other parents to learn about as well.

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  • We should be aware about this important tips for parents to utilize when traveling with a toddler. This would really mean a lot. Thanks for sharing this one out

  • Hi No prob.. Glad it is helping out fellow parents out there feel free to share this post to help spread awareness on how to care for our kids 🙂


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