Things you do for your sick toddler

Things you do for your sick toddler?

Whenever our child gets sick we tend to worry a lot for our children especially if they are just toddlers.

I freak out most of the time whenever my son gets sick. Because I’m clueless and I have no idea what’s happening to him

There are times when he gets a temperature of 38.9 I don’t show it to my wife but I am really freaking out because its almost 40 degrees and we still don’t have a clue why did he get sick considering he was just fine just this morning.

Since he turned one last year me and my wife already knows how to handle him whenever he gets sick.

So what are the things that we as parents should do whenever our toddler gets sick?

  • Don’t panic – though this is hard to manage this is necessary You won’t be able to decide what’s best for your child so keep calm and always stay focus.
  • Check for their temperature – This is necessary so you’ll know what to tell your pediatrician if ever you decided to have your toddler checked
  • Check for bruised, scars and the likes – Even if your child has a fever it is better to check further their bodies.
  • Use cold water and rubbing alcohol – If it is just a fever try to use this classic method. Use a small towel and wet it with cold water and an alcohol. Slightly squeeze it but not too much then use it to wipe your child’s face, armpit, arms, and legs.
  • Increase water intake – Increasing water intake allows their body to release the heat from their body.
  • Seek a pediatrician – We all want our children to be well and healthy so instead of self-medicating. Let’s just seek for a professional to help us.

Alright these steps are most of the time my wife and I use to take care our child. Care to share yours? Comment it down below

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