How to Have Quality Time For Kids

Days with the kids might seem like forever but that is not the case guys. Use this guide to help you make the most out of the time we can.

Quality Time For Kids

Eventually, time will come and this child will leave us for his own journey. I had this in mind everyday and its the sad truth that parents should just accept. Thoughts like this child once became too attached to me or wants to be like me and so on, these sad thoughts are common to parents.

So what the hell should we do about it?

Here is a simple answer to that spend quality time with them

So as soon as your done reading this until the end, drop everything and start spending time with them. Pay attention to them, not on your phone your social media feeds is there all the time but not your kids.

Never forget to celebrate their birthdays, don’t greet them on social media greet them personally. You’ll never know years will passed by and they might greet you also the same way you greeted them.

Kids are simple they may be a pain but making them happy is easy. Quality time for kids is much more simple if you thing about it than having quality time with your beer friends, colleagues and others inside your circle

Though I’m not implying that you should not spend time with your friends. It’s just that spending time quality time with your family is your priority.

So how does spending quality time for kids actually work?

Travelling with Family instead of Friends

Earlier I mentioned that our time with our kids is limited so drop those squadgoals and start building the familygoals instead.

Go on vacation with your family take them to places like beaches or swimming pools to or you go on a hike if they are old enough.

Travelling with Family instead of Friends

Play to spend quality time for them

Aside from traveling if you are low on budget you can just play with them. Build blocks, play catch or even just a stroll with them in park will do. Just don’t let those phone get in the way with your bonding time with your child.

Play to spend quality time for them

Learning their interests can help you relate and be part of their world so be patient and try your best to learn and understand what those are.

Job is important but being a parent is a necessity

Alright now this one is something that most parents do. They tend to overwork themselves why? Probably for their career path or family’s needs I myself is also guilty.

The difference is that I make sure that I can spend some time with my son before the day ends. We fool around or even mess around with my wife.

Job is important but being a parent is a necessity

Just by spending time with your child like this is often enough to make them happy and also sense of contentment.

We may be working for their future but never forget that they should grow up with proper guidance and should grow up in a family oriented environment.

Ipads, Android phones or other expensive gadgets won’t make you better parents. Those things are not what’s gonna make them happy it you as their parents is what’s gonna make them happy.

These are the lists that I came up with to be used as reference to guide us parents on how we should make the most out of the time with our children.

Spending quality time for kids might seem a little bit tiring but trust me it’s rewarding once you get used to it.

Someday you’ll miss those times when they are still small and they are holding your index finger. But hey you won’t be full of regrets if you had spend your time with your kids.

Quality time for kids creates bonds with them which in the long run not only you but them also can always look back to those times when you guys are sharing the laughs.

Though they leaving us when they are on that age where they can choose who they want to be. It might seem a little bit too overwhelming for us but we have to learn to accept it anyway.

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