How Playing Outdoors May Help in Developing Your Child

As parents developing your child is our responsibility and it is our pride that we see that their development turned for the best.

I want to share to you guys that having our child play outdoors may actually be more helpful to them.

We brought our child to an outdoor playground when he turned one and can walk on his own. At first he’s clueless on how things work on that place.

But he got the hang of it much faster than we thought. We tried the swings first and guess what? His giggles was priceless it makes our hearts melt whenever we hear those giggles

The second one was the slide. It seems like slides triggers excitements to kids. Because he was very excited to do it again and again. Soon enough he was able to do sliding on his own.

I know I’ve been a kid before but I forgot how it feels and slides I take today is uh, well what I feel is a bit of anxiety and regret because I only do slides because my wife wants me to join her.

When it’s time for us to go home he became sad and eventually made him upset. Though we promised him that we will go back tomorrow.

Now I see when our son was on a playground, I realized something that playgrounds are not just for fun. It’s also a place for basic development for kids.

Outdoors may help developing your child. Because outside there are more things that they can learn than what they can indoors, also outdoors they can prevent Vitamin D deficiency naturally thru sunlight.

These are some of the things that may help you in developing your child if you let them play outdoors

  • Letting your child expose to activities like running and climbing can help develop your child’s endurance.
  • There are kids in playground have your child play with them. Having you child exposed to other kids will help them develop confidence, improve communication and learn new things (NOTE: be sure to supervise them when they are playing with other kids)
  • Having our kids play on an outdoor playground can help develop balanced immunity thus preventing them to get sick that easy.

Few reminders if you are planning to let them play outdoors

  • Don’t let your kids play unsupervised
  • Always have water ready for them and some light snacks
  • Put some child friendly sunscreen on them
  • Put some child friendly mosquito repellent on them.

Not sure if your child is ready for Playground parks?

No problem there are other alternatives for that my fellow parents. Perhaps you have a small garden or some space on your yard? You might want to consider a tasting garden then.

Now you might be wondering what is a tasting garden? Well to put it simple it’s a garden where all plants are edible. Why this? Well simple soil is natural and having our child’s body adapt to this natural environment can help them improve their immunity.

Don’t have any garden experience or wondering how to start your own tasting garden? Ms. Flossie’s Why Your Kids Will Love A Tasting Garden will surely help you start and enlighten you with what you need to do to start your very own tasting garden.

These are some of the things that can help developing your child by playing outdoors. If ever you feel like adding some points please do comment it down on the comment section.

Another good thing about playing outdoors aside from developing your child is that you bond with your child, you end your day by bringing a smile on your child’s face.

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