Among the 4 Types of Parenting Style What worked for you?

Find out what parenting style worked for me. The idea was a combination of 2 parenting style which is quite effective to my son

But before anything else who among you guys know what the four parenting styles is anyone?

Okay for those who are still getting the grasp of being a parent/s here are the Types of Parenting Styles.

Authoritarian Parenting

An authoritarian parents are know for being strict and use punishments for their children if they make mistakes. Some people says children who grows up with this parenting style becomes violent or holds grudge to their parents.

Authoritative Parenting

This parents are somehow the light version of the Authoritarian. These parents are often invested in knowing what’s the better approach for disciplining their children to maintain a more positive relationship with children.

Permissive Parenting

This parents are not the most lenient ones. Although they try to set rules but rarely enforce them and most of the time overflowing of compassion. For example if their child makes a mistake they give them timeout. But if the child begs for a short period they give in.

Uninvolved Parenting

This parents expects their children to grow on their own. And sometimes does not have a single clue of whom their children is with. Though this is not sometimes the case for uninvolved parents. Parents who has mental health issues or past abuse problems falls to this Parenting Style category

I guess that’s enough explaining.

Now what is my parenting style?

As a first time father I’m a bit confused on how things work, although it is clear to me that I want to give everything to my son I love my son so much that it’s okay for me to spend money for things that he might not really need but still buy it for him anyway.

Which I know it is a no no but will you be able to resist the cuteness of your child?

So what I do is I combine the ideas of Authoritarian and Authoritative.

The key here is not to give in to their tantrums. If they want to insist on something and it’s not reasonable explain it to your child. This might cause a crying but persevere this is worth it.

If they hurt someone, you must try to explain to them the wrong things that they’ve did and enforce a consequence for them as a reminder to not do it again.

On the other hand if your children does something worth the praise give them the praise they need and if you want reward them with something to serve as a reminder also that good things can be rewarding. And that’s how I do my parenting style.

Regardless of the parenting style you do as long as you child understands what they did.

Lastly treasure the moment with your child, time is fast and sooner or later you’ll be missing them and you’ll regret not spending time with them.

Give time to them when you go home from work. Never end a day without playing or talking to your children because that would help a lot.

I realized this as I watch my son grow.

What is your parenting style? Comment it down below


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