Managing your toddler’s crying habits

Parents, managing your toddler’s crying habits is one of the things that we parents should learn. Find out how I learned to manage my toddler’s crying habit.

As parents we try to understand our children, but what if our child is still a toddler and knows how to cry only? How do you communicate with them?

Some toddler’s cries to send us a signal that they need or something’s wrong with them. Listen carefully to their cries because toddlers these days are much wiser than toddlers from before.

They sometimes use crying to seek attention, or to get something instantly or perhaps they are just tired. This is where the breakdown is on my case as a first-time father.

I always think that it’s cruel to not give in to my son whenever he cries. My father told me that toddler’s crying habits if not manage well at their early stage.

Things will be hard for us parents, things like throwing tantrums in public etc will most likely be the case if this habits are not managed well.

Though it was hard at first but we were able to manage our child’s crying habit little by little. Crying is normal for babies and toddlers but to a certain extent which we parents should be aware of.

Here are some tips to help you guys on managing your toddler’s crying habits:

  • Whenever they cry if their alone for just a second try and shout “It’s ok baby, I’m still here” or something more comforting.
  • Learn to say no if they want you to carry them. They will get tired of their drama soon just be patient guys.
  • If they cry it doesn’t always mean that they are hurt, hungry or in dire need of something. You can tell by just looking at them just pay attention. Act according to the situation
  • As early as one-year-old train them to respect the time limits. So that if you are to make them stop from playing because it’s time for dinner or something you won’t have a hard time with all the tantrums, throwing and etc.
  • If tantrums arise keep calm and identify the cause. Is your child tired? or did someone from the back tried to upset them? Or did they want something?

Once you identify it, do what is necessary but be sure that they learn something from it.

Toddler’s these days are wise and good at acting. They study the behaviour of their parents to know where to strike for their soft spot.

So managing your toddler’s crying habits might be one of your long battles in life.

I know this will trigger more cryings and frustrations but soon it will payoff and you won’t be ticked off in public.

Training your toddler is hard mind you but the key to this is patience, it will take time but they’ll learn eventually.

Want to share your style for managing your toddler’s crying habits? comment down below

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