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Parenting tips in disciplining toddlers

Parenting tips in disciplining toddlers

While there's no accurate way in disciplining your toddlers. This post should give you pointers to find your own style to discipline toddlers effectively!

baby weaning

How to effectively start weaning your baby?

Baby weaning is a very interesting experience for both you and your child. Basically, weaning your baby makes it easy for them to try out new tastes and it can also be a lesson in experimenting with stuff. However, you want to make the experience cool and exciting for the baby. The way you do…

supervise your child and ensure his safety

How can you supervise your child and ensure his safety?

Every parent knows that it can be very tricky and time-consuming to stay with their kids all the time. But even if your kids are away, it’s always important to find a way to connect with them and supervise them in case something goes wrong. What can happen? The thing to note here is that…

How can you increase your toddler’s confidence levels?

How can you increase your toddler’s confidence level?

Is your toddler shy around others? Your toddler's self-esteem is probably low, so here are things you could do to increase your toddlers's confidence level.

Going through a growth spurt

3 Signs That Your Infant Or Toddler Is Going Through A Growth Spurt

If your baby or toddler is going through some signs that can be emotionally frustrating for parents, there is a good chance that the infant or preschooler is going through a growth spurt.

Important Tips For Parents To Utilize When Traveling With A Toddler By Car Or By Plane

Important Tips For Parents To Utilize When Traveling With A Toddler By Car Or By Plane

The one thing that all parents can agree upon is that traveling with a toddler is quite challenging. It does not matter if you are traveling by plane with a toddler, or traveling by car with a toddler.

toddler's nutritional needs

A Basic Guide To Toddler’s Nutritional Needs

Your baby just turned a year old! Congratulations, that is a huge milestone. Once a baby is a year old and starting to walk, that is when they move from the baby phase to the toddler phase. Besides childproofing your home even more due to the fact that your new toddler is becoming more mobile,…


How to Have Quality Time For Kids

Days with the kids might seem like forever but that is not the case guys. Use this guide to help you make the most out of the time we can. Eventually, time will come and this child will leave us for his own journey. I had this in mind everyday and its the sad truth that…

kids are asking for stuff

What to Do When Kids Are Asking for Stuff in Public Places?

Keep everything in moderation, But the challenge here is how or what should you say to your kids?

developing your child

How Playing Outdoors May Help in Developing Your Child

As parents we only want what's best for our beloved children. Find out how playing outdoors may help in developing your child.

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