Hi my name is Kim and this is my blog.

And this is my family

They are the reason why I started Watchingdad.

Me and my wife realized that our son is growing up fast and during those times we learned a lot.

Especially me since I am new to all of this. My wife on the other hand has experience because she took care of her cousins and nephew before.

So I made a decision to share stories about our parenting experiences thru Watchingdad. Which I hope could inspire people most especially parents thru our stories.

Parenting from a father’s perspective, I’ve come to realization that time really do flies.

Everything feels like yesterday and time will come that my son will grow and will start his own family and who knows he might be able to stumble across this blog(If this remains).

As parents we make sure that we spend our time with our son and definitely make the most out of it.

Because surely these moments we will miss once he grows old

From a Father’s Perspective